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Local Herb Stores in Seattle Area
  1. Rainbow Natural Remedies (Capitol Hill)

  2. Herban Wellness (Kirkland)

  3. Tenzing Momo (Pike Place Market)

  4. The Herbalist (Madison Park and N 65th)

  5. Sugarpill (Capitol Hill)

  6. Herban Wellness (Kirkland)

  7. Zenith Supply (Ravenna)

Online Sources of Herbs
  1. Pacific Botanicals (dried herbs): The highest quality herb distributor in the Northwest. They only do a pound or more, so you have to be serious to order from them.

  2. Mountain Rose Herbs (dried herbs, extracts, supplies etc)

  3. Herb Pharm (tinctures)

  4. Understory Apothecary (wildcrafted, local tinctures and bulk herbs)

  5. Friends of the Trees

My Favorite Books
  • Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants by Scott Kloos

  • Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self Care by Maria Nöel Groves

  • Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide by Rosemary Gladstar

  • The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine by Brigitte Mars

  • The Complete Herbal Tutor by Anne McIntyre

  • Botanical Medicine for Women's Health by Aviva Romm

  • Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals (Series) by Jill Stansbury

  • Making Plant Medicine by Richo Cech

  • Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel

  • Medical Herbalism David Hoffman

  • Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Pojar and Mackinnon

  • The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism by Matthew Wood

  • The Earthwise Herbal by Matthew Wood

  • Healing with the Herbs of Life by Lesley Tierra

  • The Forager Chef's Book of Flora: Recipes and Techniques for Edible Plants from Garden, Field, and Forest by Alan Bergo

Local Herbal Education
Local Herbal Practitioners
Local Herb Conferences
  • Northwest Herbal Faire Quilcene, WA

Online Resources
  1. Elise Krohn:

  2. Learning Herbs:

  3. More links:

  4. Jim McDonald:

  5. Henriette's Herbal Page:

  6. WA native plant ID

  7. Methow Valley Herbs (Rosalee de la Foret)

  8. Evolutionary School of Herbalism

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