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"I recently had the opportunity to spend a full day out in the field with Natalie.  Our attention was on wildcrafting, plant identification and medicinal uses of the plants.  Natalie's extensive knowledge, and her respect for our ecosystem and considerations around harvesting deeply impressed me.  Her passion and enthusiasm were absolutely delightful and uplifting!  I was also struck by Natalie's skill as a teacher, setting the tone for cohesion of the group while embracing our individual levels of knowledge and comfort being out in nature. It was a really fun day, including cooking up and enjoying some tasty wild foods!  I'm putting on my wish list for my next birthday party: have Natalie take me and a small group of friends out to some familiar, nearby woods, and let us see with entirely new eyes.  A delicious way to celebrate being here, learning about medicinal plants, and a chance to feel more intimately connected to this natural place."

- Kara 2023

"I felt more in-tune & invested in what I was learning than in any other learning environment I’ve been in. A lot of that is due to Natalie’s teaching style, which is non-hierarchical & deeply flexible & accessible, & that she is able to keep us on track but not force us into learning what she’s teaching in one prescribed way. Being neurodivergent, queer, & having suffered a lot in grade school, I am so grateful that this experience has helped me begin to shift my relationship to learning in a class space.


This course was expansive & wholistic, helping me really dive deeper into what I care about when it comes to why I love plants, plant medicine, crafting with plants, so much, & has taught me so much I didn’t already know.


I feel a lot of camaraderie with my fellow learners & teachers! I love everyone I have met through this program, & the ways we have been brought together & had the space to have emotional intimacy while experiencing something that is deeply important to all of us on individual & collective/community levels has been vital during the pandemic.


Being in this course has nourished my soul so deeply in a way that has transformed how I approach my own healing path as well as helping others on their paths. I feel better equipped to help myself via the allyship that plant medicine offers us so selflessly. I am so excited to continue to nurture my relationship with plant medicine & crafting with wild materials with Natalie in the future!"

-laika l. Foundations 2020



"Taking this workshop and learning from Natalie was an immense pleasure! Not only does she deliver essential information through lecturing but adapts her teaching style to the group that she is working with. Moreover she cements concepts and theories through hands on experience, making the learning process that more impressionable. After the two day intensive workshop I was sold and look forward to studying with Natalie in more workshops and longer programs. Thank you Natalie, you made such an impact, and are contributing to more generations of herbalists!"

-Harry M. Herbal Medicine Making Weekend Intensive Fall 2019


"Studying with Natalie at Adiantum School of Plant Medicine has changed the way I interact with plants, with medicine and with the world around me. Whether I am in the woods, at a grocery store or just walking down the street, I now recognize plants that are medicinal everywhere I go.  And even better, I know how to sustainably harvest them and craft them into many types of plant medicine.  The Herbal Apprenticeship Program was the perfect combination of class learning, outside time and medicine making.  Natalie's enthusiasm, knowledge, and teaching style have helped me find, and love, my inner plant nerd!"

-Anna C. Herbal Apprenticeship Program 2018


"Having little herbal experience I was quite nervous to start the foundations coarse at Adiantum. After my first class with Natalie I was certain I had made the right decision. I appreciate her balanced teaching approach including herbal theory, hands on projects, and foraging, making her style accessible to all types of learners and skill levels. I am forever grateful to Natalie for her knowledge and the friendships that where made possible at Adiantum. Her coarse has given me much more confidence in my plant identification and medicine making skills. I recommend it to anyone called to walk the herbal path."

-Carissa T. Foundations of PNW Herbalism Program 2018


"The intimate nature of the class is what is most special to me. I think it is quite a gift that we get to come together in such a small, intentional group (in our case -- a group of POWERFUL, RAD women) learning and sharing with each other. I love all the creations we make together, all the questions that lead to so many amazing conversations and just how organically this program seems to flow. Natalie is largely the most special part of the whole class. Natalie is such a unique, powerful, empowered teacher. I feel special to be in her presence and to learn from her and my herb school fam. 

I am obsessed with the organs and learning more about Traditional Chinese Medicine. To me, learning about the organs is fascinating and it is profound how much they represent about us. I feel like learning about the organs really opened up my eyes into understanding my own body's constitution on a deeper level. Learning about the organs and TCM is inspiring, grounding and empowering! 

This class has given me the space to grow as a person in so many ways. This class feeds my soul. Alongside this group, I am stepping into my power. I feel inspired and motivated by Natalie, people in the class and by the content we learn. This integration of this class has profound impacts on how I show up in the world and what kind of influence I want to make. This class has been such a safe place to be vulnerable and received."

-Emerald N. Foundations of PNW Herbalism Program 2018


I stumbled upon Adiantum School of Plant Medicine after a program that I had my heart set on was closed.  That saying “one door closes, another one opens” is so true.   I would not have met Natalie and the group of kindred spirits if that disappointment wouldn’t have happened.  Now I feel like I have made lifelong friends with my herbal compatriots, and I would not trade the last year for anything.   Natalie creates a warm and welcoming environment that feels like you are among family.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, teaches with a wonderful sense of humor, encourages questions as well as independent and critical thinking, and always makes it clear she is a lifelong learner as well.  This approach helps students feel safe, confident and empowered.  The program itself is comprehensive and nimble.  Although Natalie has a very well thought out syllabus, she is responsive to the interests of students, and actively solicits our feedback and desires.  Usually there are choices built into each day.   The program is also interesting.  With a combination of indoor lecture/project days, and outdoor days in the field, the program balances book learning and experience.  Seriously I never want it to end, and this sentiment is echoed by my classmates.  I could go on for a very long time, but in the interest of brevity I will say just one more thing.  I have seen the effect of spending time in this positive, uplifting and encouraging environment on the students in my class, as well as myself.  I have seen women reach for their full potential this year, and it is has been amazing.  Thank you Natalie for providing this space for all of us to learn, to grow and to manifest our best selves.  Since I’m a Capricorn I have to put it into a formula:  Amazing Teacher + Herbal Deep Dive + A True Loving Community = Magic Happens.  

-Nicole A. Foundations of PNW Herbalism Program 2018
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