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November 12, 2019

The Self Taught Herbalist

How do you go from dabbling in tinctures to confidently using herbs for healthcare? How do you transform your enthusiasm into knowledge? Herbalism is a vast jungle of information that can be difficult to navigate without the right tools. In this two hour workshop, I will share a plethora of resources, tools and techniques that I have discovered over the years that you can use in your own journey into the study of plants as medicine.

We will be covering:
  - What a career in herbalism looks like
  - various approaches to herbalism and resources to pursue for each
  - Self experimentation
  - Creating effective learning experiences for yourself
  - Knowing your limits
  - How to look up safety and dosages
  - Remembering it all
  - Reading list

This class is best for beginner or intermediate students who want to seriously pursue an herbal education, and perhaps become an herbalist or medicine maker someday. I designed this class based on the fact that school takes time and money that not everyone has. Not only that, but some people learn the best fueled by their own passion and enthusiasm.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, November 12th, 7:00pm-9:00pm
LOCATION: Madrona House Apothecary + Healing Arts, 1423 34th ave, Unit C, Seattle 98122
Cost: $35
Teacher: Natalie
Max students: 16

November 18, 2019

Teaching Tips for Educators of the Healing Arts

In this daylong intensive workshop, I'll be sharing some basic skills that I use to make my lessons more effective, engaging and mostly importantly: FUN. Though lecture style teaching has its moments, there are so many more colors to the rainbow! Students understand so much more deeply when they are given space to engage the material directly, discover things on their own, interact with fellow students, test their knowledge and see concepts from multiple angles.

Here is a quick outline of the topics that well be covering:
- How to brainstorm class topics and write successful workshop titles
- Curriculum building and organizing (for single classes and series)
- Warm up activities and icebreakers
- Classroom management skills (how to manage difficult students, etc)
- Spicing up lecture style teaching
- Using visual aids
- Using group work effectively
- Comprehension check questions

This class is intended for those hoping to or already teaching in the healing arts field, though anyone is welcome.

Monday, November 18, 10am-4pm (2019)
Participants: 12 max
Cost: $70-$120 sliding scale
Location: private residence in North Beacon Hill (address provided upon registration)

WHAT IS SLIDING SCALE?: Sliding scale uses a range of prices in order to cater to a wider range of financial abilities. Those with less financial ability pay the lower end of the range ($70), and those with more extra capital around pay more ($120). It's a self selective system that puts the decision in the hand of the individual. It's a way of being more inclusive while still making enough money to make it worth while for the teacher. Cool right? I also do consultations with sliding scale.

December 10, 2019

Herbal Gift Making

As we move into gift season, I imagine you're asking yourself what you can make to give to friends and family. There are so many delicious things you can make with herbs, so I've taken some time to choose some of my favorite herbal products, and we are going to make them together in this class!

I'll be sharing basic herbal skills such as how to infuse herbs in oil, how to make an herbal tincture and how to mix a face scrub or mask. You'll get to take home a sample of all three of the things we make in class (I'll provide all materials and containers). I'll also give you some more recipes to get you thinking about what else you can make!

- face oil with gotu kola and mugwort infused grapeseed oil
- angelica and orange peel bitters
- lavender cleansing grains

WHEN: Tuesday, December 10th, 2019, 7-9pm
LOCATION: Madrona House Apothecary, 1423 34th ave, Unit C, Seattle 98122
COST: $50
TEACHER: Natalie H. 

December 17, 2019

Intro to Constitutions and Herbal Energetics

This class is a cornerstone to my approach to herbalism, and I highly recommend it to people who have taken the Intro class and are seeking more. Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism all use constitutional types to explain patterns of disease. For example, some people are susceptible to heat (irritation, overstimulation), others to cold (lack of function). Knowing types can instruct your health regimen and what herbs are best for you. This is a hot topic for those interested in holistic health!

This class will focus on the western four element system (originally established by early greek physicians like Hippocrates), with some Chinese medicine concepts introduced where the western system falls short.

In this two-hour class, we'll learn:
- The four qualities (hot, cold, damp, dry) and how they show up in the body
- The four elements and how they pertain to constitutional types and body function
- The paradox of opposites- why we don't fit in one box only.
- Personality traits and how they fit in
- herbal flavors and actions and how to select herbs based on constitution

We'll take a few simple tests to determine which constitution you are in both systems. Come with a notebook and your curiosity!

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019, 7-9pm
LOCATION: Madrona House Apothecary , 1423 34th ave, Unit C, Seattle 98122
COST: $35
MAX: 16 people
TEACHER: Natalie H.

January 18, 2020

Intro to Chinese Medicine Weekend Intensive

In this two day weekend intensive, we will learn the basic concepts of Chinese medicine and how that can support how we use western herbs.
- yin and yang
- excess and deficiency
- the five major organs
- hot, cold, wind and dampness
- western herbs used in this context

Chinese medicine has been transformative for me in terms of getting actual success with herbs and having a complex system of thought through which to see the body and everything really. Because it is a tradition that has thousands of years of unbroken history and records, it is very precise. If you have studied with me before, you may already be sold, and I hope you can join to get a foundation from this highly effective system of thought.

All levels of herbalist are welcome, including people who have lots of experience using western herbs and have been wanting a new perspective on things to enrich your trade.

Saturday, January 18, 2020: 10am-4pm
Sunday, January 19, 2020: 10am-3:30pm

LOCATION: North Beacon Hill (address on purchase of ticket)
COST: $140 per person for the whole weekend
MAX: 12 students

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