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Natalie Hammerquist


Natalie Hammerquist is an herbalist born and raised in the Seattle area. She studied herbalism, plant taxonomy and food science at the Evergreen State College, and then went on to study with renowned herbalist Cascade Anderson Geller in Portland, Oregon. Since her studies with Cascade, Natalie has studied with several herbalists including Matthew Wood, Dr. Sheila Kingsbury, Missy Rohs, and Margi Flint. She worked as the lead herbalist and bulk herb buyer at Rainbow Natural Remedies on Capitol Hill, until she left to found the Adiantum School of Plant Medicine. She integrates aspects of both Chinese medicine and Western herbalism into her holistic approach. Her areas of focus include physical assessment methods and bioregional plant ID.


As a teacher, Natalie is flexible, engaging and multi-sensory. She has extensive teaching experience, and is always looking for ways to keep things fresh and exciting.

Natalie teaches both yearlong programs, as well as evening classes and plant walks.

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