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Conifer Tree Medicine Deep Dive

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The winter always draws my attention to the conifers all around us here in the Pacific Northwest. These trees give us sticky resin, fresh spring tips, pine nuts, lemony aromatics and even bark. The goal of this class is to dive deep into the nerdy specifics of these ubiquitous trees. Some topics covered in this class: -common conifer species in our area (Cypress family, Pine family, Yew Family) -Identifying characteristics of select species and genuses using pictures -Pine resin: how to harvest it and use it as medicine, including preparations -Conifer tips: how and when to harvest them and their medicinal uses -Pine nuts: historical use by native peoples, nutrition profile and how to find. -Safety concerns -Some historical background on the use of pine medicine around the world. -Conservation and sustainability -Scientific research This class is appropriate beginner, intermediate and advanced students of herbalism. There is a little something for everyone! In preparation for this class, I read many scientific articles, pored over herbaria databases, and compiled photography from myself and others to bring this passion project of mine to life. I have long loved conifer trees, and so this is my chance to share that passion with you!

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