The Heartwood Program

Intermediate/ Advanced Herbalism Program

March- November 2020

One weekend a month, Maximum Class Size: 16

Accepting applications starting September 1st


For this nine month course, two very nerdy and enthusiastic herbalists are teaming up to bring you the herbal course of the century.

This course is based on the philosophy that at the base of a brilliant herbalist is a broad, multidisciplinary skillset that is constantly adapting and learning. Herbalists are botanists, naturalists, teachers, entertainers, cheerleaders, medicine makers, wildcrafters, artists and so much more. In this course, we will build upon your pre-existing foundation of herbal knowledge, focusing on developing a range of skills that you will take forward into your lifetime pursuit of herbalism. Cultivating such skills as research, body assessment, teaching and advanced medicine making will allow for greater career opportunities and more confident usage of plants as medicine. Our goal is to produce adaptive, confident and proficient herbalists who can respond to new situations, provide well thought out herbal advice, make and identify quality medicine, and have confidence in plant identification and strategies. We also hope that after taking this course, students will have a strong idea of what their strengths and passions are, and where to take their interests and desires next. Read on for more specific info about topics.


This course will be co-taught by Natalie Hammerquist and Trevor Clark. 



Some of the topics we’ll be covering in the course:

  • Advanced field plant ID skills

  • Materia medica (revisiting old and adding new)

  • Chinese medicine assessment and theory

  • Basic pulse reading and continuing tongue reading

  • teaching skills

  • Introduction to clinical skills

  • Basic pharmacology and pharmacognosy

  • What’s required to make commercial herbal products

  • In class case studies

  • How to read and vet scientific research articles

  • Contraindications



Class will be held one weekend a month for nine weekends (March-November). There will be 7 outdoor days (Saturdays from April-October).



Depending on the number of students, indoor classes will be taught at either a private residence in North Beacon Hill or at Studio Flora in Interbay (near Whole Foods). Both places are easily accessible by public transportation. Outdoor classes will be at a different location every week, some in the city limits and some as far as 2 hours away. Carpools will always be available.



We are offering sliding scale tuition for this course. The range is $1700-$2200, with the actual tuition being $1900. If you are someone for whom this type of amount is no problem, please offer the higher end of the spectrum ($2200). If you are someone for whom this tuition is a huge financial burden, please offer the lower end of the spectrum ($1700). Sliding scale is designed to balance the amount people pay to make the program accessible and less of a burden on people. Please be honest with what you're able to contribute. Payment plans are available. Venmo and checks are accepted.



$400 deposit is due to reserve your spot in the program. Deposits due by January 15, 2019. Your deposit reserves your spot in the program. Deposits are non-refundable, so please ensure that you are fully ready and prepared to commit to the program. Venmo and checks are accepted.


For this course, we are looking for students who have the following experience:

  • Basic medicine making knowledge: standardized tinctures, teas (infusions and decoctions), using ratios.

  • Working knowledge of 40 plants

  • Understanding of the four qualities (hot/cold/damp/dry)

  • Understanding of basic Chinese medicine concepts (yin and yang, damp and dry, organ functions)

    • Natalie will be teaching a weekend course about this in January for those who need to catch up on this (or review)

  • Self experimentation 

  • Plant ID: plant ID strategies, basic plant families

  • Basic understanding of imbalances/ disease processes some type of system of understanding the human body. (TCM, western medicine, ayurveda, western herbalism, greek medicine etc)



All students must fill out an application and email it to Natalie at adiantumschool [at]

  • For students who have already taken a nine month course with Natalie: You have automatic admission. You just need to fill out the application, send it to Natalie, make your deposit and you have a spot.

  • For students new to the Adiantum School: Trevor and I will be conducting phone interviews on a rolling basis. We will be selecting students who we think are a good fit for the program. The interview will also allow you to ask us questions to see if the program is right for you. Once you are accepted, please get us your deposit, which will reserve your spot in the program.




COMING SOON. Check back after September 1st.

Please email your completed application to Natalie at adiantumschool [at]