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Foundations of PNW Herbalism
March- November 2021
In progress, enrollment closed

A comprehensive herbal medicine course for beginner to intermediate level students.

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This course is for the beginning to intermediate herbalist who would like a strong, practical foundation in the practice of holistic herbalism, and of Pacific Northwest plants. This course has a heavy focus on wild plant ID, harvest and stewardship. We will also learn medicine making, basic Chinese medicine, botany and other essential skills for the herbalist. 

It is my goal to teach in a way that is interesting, fun, engaging and effective. As such, classes are experiential and hands on, and support a large range of learning styles. We taste, touch, smell, make, draw, compare, discuss and practice.

This will be the fifth year offering this program, and each year students really bond together in a community of love and support. I feel very passionately about teaching in person classes because they foster connection and provide a rich, safe stage upon which to launch your education. Ideal students for this course will come with open hearts, ready to interact with classmates and actively participate in class.

This course will be taught 100% outdoors with masks on. If the COVID-19 situation changes, we can reassess that as a group.

Please note that herbalism takes many years to master, and this program is just the first step. As the course name suggests, my goal is to arm you with a solid foundations of skills you will need to independently navigate that journey. There will be homework and research projects aimed at increasing your own learning journey at home in addition to what we get in class. I encourage students to bring their own knowledge and passions to class to share!


Classes are taught by me, Natalie Hammerquist. In my teaching, I prioritize connection, hands on learning, and retention. It's common for me to throw in a little meditation in the middle of class, a group discussion, a scavenger hunt, a fire ceremony or alter making. My approach to herbalism is a patchwork of western herbalism, Chinese medicine, nutrition, spirituality, and emotional work.


Class is every Thursday from 10:00am-4:00pm. There may be a few farther afoot classes when we start at 9am or return at 5pm. First day of class is March 18th, 2021, last day of class is November 11th, 2021. 


Some classes will be held at my home in Northeast Bellevue (outside with masks on).  Other locations include: Magnuson park, The Duvall Herb Farm, the I-90 corridor, Squak mountain, Cougar Mountain and more.


  • Hands on harvest of 20+ wild and cultivated plants

  • Identification of 40+ local plants

  • Identification of major flowering plant families

  • leaf and flower morphology

  • a few plant crafts, including happazome (flower pounding).

  • Harvesting ethics and sustainability

  • Herbal medicine making (tinctures, tea, poultices, compresses, infused honey, infused oil, elixirs, vinegars, salve, cream)

  • Introduction to Chinese medicine

  • Effects of emotions, lifestyle, environment and diet on health.

  • Medicinal uses and qualities of 80+ Western and Chinese herbs, both local and non-local

  • Herbal actions (diuretic, diaphoretic, styptic etc)

  • Basic tongue assessment



Space is limited. Please read the application and selection information below carefully so you know what to expect.


Application process

  • Submit your application by email as soon as possible. I am doing rolling admissions until the beginning of class.

  • Once I have received your application, I will reach out to schedule a quick phone interview.

  • If you are accepted, you have 7 days to respond and make your $300 deposit for the program.

  • Wait-listed applicants may be offered a spot in the program at any time up until the program starts. I typically have 2-3 cancellations in the program.



$2600.00 per student

Contact me for more info about payment plans and small scholarships for LGBTQI and BIPOC.




Please either type your answers directly into an email, or make a PDF version of a word document (I don’t have word on my computer). Use the button on the bottom of the page to email me your application.

  1. Contact info

    • Name

    • Phone number

    • Email address (please use the one you check the most often. I will use this to send your acceptance and emails during the program)

    • Allergies

    • Preferred pronouns

    • Emergency contact (name, relationship, phone number)

  2. What classes have you taken with Natalie?

  3. Why are you interested in this class in particular? What caught your eye? What experience are you hoping for?

  4. What previous experience do you have with health, nature and plants?

  5. Are you able to attend all classes?

  6. Do you have any schedule conflicts that may prevent you from coming to class?

  7. How do you feel about peeing outside? How do you feel about being in the woods on a rainy, cold day?

  8. Are you able to walk 2 miles on uneven ground, possibly uphill?

  9. Do you have any health concerns (including allergies or pregnancy) that we should know about that may affect your participation in the program?​

  10. How did you hear about The Adiantum School?


If you'd like to be considered, please answer these questions in a second section on your application. Decision will be made by February 1st, 2021.

  1. Describe your financial need for the work trade position.

  2. Are you part of a marginalized group?

  3. Will you be able to take the program without work trade?

  4. How would you most like to contribute to this class as the "work" part of the work trade?

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