Clinical Services

See Natalie for one-on-one herbal consultations to get into balance with herbs.

Holistic herbalism is a way of approaching health that seeks to understand the whole picture of cause and effect in illness, and then bring the body back into its natural state of balance. Natalie uses a blend of approaches in her practice, including Traditional Western Herbalism and Chinese Medicine. She utilizes traditional assessment methods such as pulse, tongue and body reading to determine the state of the inner terrain and constitution of the body. She then suggests herbs and gentle lifestyle changes to help get your body back into balance.

Clients go away with a plan that includes herbs (Chinese and Western), and may also include suggestions about diet and lifestyle. Follow-ups are expected in order to track progress, address deeper imbalances, and change herbal formulas if needed.

Please note that, because herbs work more slowly and gently than surgery and pharmaceuticals, protocols often are in place for 3-12 months depending on the state of the body. Clients are expected to understand this, and be willing to engage in this process.

Natalie is able to tailor herbal protocols based on what access clients have to herbs. For example, she often works with clients who are interested in foraging or growing their own medicines, and can guide and tailor herbal protocols based on this.


First Visit: 60-90 minutes .......................... $60-$140 sliding scale

Follow up visits: 30-60 minutes  .............. $40- $120 sliding scale

I am currently seeing clients at my home on Beacon Hill. Use the contact form below to contact Natalie for availability and scheduling. It helps to know a little about what you're coming in for.

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