February 8, 2019


Verbascum thapsus

INTRO: Mullein is a fuzzy-leaved, weedy plant that has a rich history of use dating back to the greeks (Dioscorides wrote about it!). The leaf is most often used, and it is known mostly for its action on the lungs, and can even be smoked. It is incredibly abundant in Washington, and is a fantastic and gentle medicine. I have put together a description of Mullein viewed from a Chinese medicine framework, and the unique insights that can be gained from that approach. I have attempted to use language that is accessible to those without a background in Chinese Medicine. I have also included some information on western usage. Enjoy!

PREPARATION: Hot water infusion of leaf is preferred, tincture is also used. When making the tea, be sure to strain carefully as the hairs often get into the tea and can irritate the throat. 

HABITAT: Mullein grows in eastern and western Washington, enjoying the side of the highway, abandoned vacant lots and former forest fire ar...

November 4, 2016

Ryan Potvin is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist in Seattle with whom I've shard many a multiple hour nerdy discussion about the finer points of traditional diagnosis and herbal applications. I like this post of his so much that I asked him if I could post it here. He's available for appointments at The Rainbow Natural Health Clinic in Capitol Hill.

Autumn is a season marked by transformation and change. As we transition out of summer into shorter days the transformation can be felt in the crisp and cooling air and seen in the changing color of the leaves. The autumn season correlates to the Lung organ system in Chinese medicine. Our lungs are certainly affected by the change in climate as the season settles in. We begin seeing shorter days, colder temperatures, and an increase in wind and rain. This is a vulnerable time of the year for the lungs and is a season when many of us become susceptible to respiratory infections. All of a sudden we are raiding our cabinets for immune supp...

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